All Classes will be cancelled when BLACK RAIN or TYPHOON 8 is hoisted!
Studio reopens 2 hours later after T8 or BLACK RAIN signal removed!

Our classes are open according to our schedule.
NO need to call, NO reservation.
JUST WALK IN to attend.
We DO NOT offer trial classes nor free classes.
We DO NOT take credit card payments.
Please remove your shoes at the entrance, and arrange your shoes neatly in the shoe racks.
Mala Mysore (Mon-Thur) 0630-1000, adjustment from 0730-0945.
We provide yoga mats and towels.

Our address
11/F Man Cheung Building,
15-17 Wyndham Street, Central

Apr 5 : 0830-1010 Mala Meditation by Jolene
Apr 19 : 0830-1030 "108 Mandala-Sun Salutation" by Dorothy, booking required.
Apr 20 & 21 : Normal schedule
Apr 22 : 0830-1030 Mysore by Dorothy

'慈悲之鏡' Citta and Prāṇa The Mirror of Compassion by Rachel
Part I -The Yoga of Sound
Date: 20 – 21 March 2019
Time: 2-4pm
Suitable for all regular yoga practitioners.
Please click flyer for further details in Chinese download flyer....
Please click flyer for further details in English download flyer....

Moon Day in March
Mar 7 & 21: Mala Meditation
0730-0810 Meditation
0810-0830 Sun Salutation A
0830-0910 Om Chanting
0910-1000 Self Practice

Reminders for using the Meditation area
When entering the Meditation area please ensure your clothing are dry.
Ladies seating at the windows side.
Men seating at the Heart Sutra side.
Fold the towels neatly and keep the Meditation area tidy.
No drinks, No food and No handphones allowed in the Zen Meditation area.

Reminders for using The Yoga area
Put away neatly all props after using them.
Roll and keep your own personal mat after drying before leaving
Keep the Shala neat and tidy.

Reminders for using The Changing Room area
Keep Male and Female changing room doors closed at all time.
Keep toilet cover down at all time.
Please put used towel into towel bin.
Keep the area dry and clean.

Reminders for using The Pantry area
After meal and drink please tidy up.
Keep the Pantry area dry, neat and tidy.